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Over the years I've developed an arsenal of medical and health solutions, tips, medical and health secrets, natural treatments and home remedies for just about any health or medical problem. I've used these to help, cure or heal myself, friends, family, patients and many people online and offline  --


 And Now YOU Can Benefit Too!


I cured myself of breast cancer, (osteo) arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, GERD, heartburn, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, canker sores, painful gum infections, gum disease, celiac disease, tennis elbow, headaches, sinus headaches, colds, flu, insomnia, fatigue problems, aching joints, aching muscles, cold sores, carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems (used to change my eyeglasses prescription every year) – had shingles, strep throat and was hospitalized with pneumonia AND ALL OF THIS BEFORE 1999 when I turned myself health around and have been ------


I've Been In Perfect Health Since!


I have coached and helped hundreds of people solve their medical and health problems. A medical or health detective if you will. Besides being a registered nurse I have written online and offline and in my own publishing company published dozens of disability and health-related books, ebooks, reports, newsletters and articles and have coached many people back to superior or optimal health!


I have dozens of health-related websites to help others solve their health problems. In my past nursing career I had experience in medical, surgical and psychiatric nursing, was a director of nurses, etc.


I'm an expert on MS (multiple sclerosis) – due to extensive research I developed a system that worked, also an expert on celiac disease, sinus problems, bi-polar disorder, cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, gallbladder attacks (developed a cure), gallbladder disease, tennis elbow  and cure, voice and vocal problems including muscle tension dysphonia and spasmodic dysphonia, weight loss, diets, raw foods and raw food diets and many other health conditions and health problems.


I'm in Perfect Health Still Today!


Yes optimal health! I sleep peacefully 5 hours a night, have no sleeping problems, have tons of energy, no fatigue, have no digestive problems, never get sick or get colds or the flu, haven't even had an aspirin since 1999, take no supplements, haven't changed my eyeglasses prescription (astigmatism since birth) since 1999, have excellent vision and night vision, have no cataracts, no glaucoma and no macular degeneration, no osteoporosis, no diabetes, no circulatory or heart problems of any kind.


Breast cancer gone in 1999, have no weight problems – I'm 105 pounds and 5'6" and eat the universe's most perfect diet. I'm physically active - I work out, play tennis, power walk, bike and hike.


I have discovered many health solutions and health secrets. Some I have figured out myself and some I have discovered with extensive research and testing. I use natural approaches almost exclusively. I am not a fan of drugs, medicines or medications and many supplements. There are many other treatments, natural treatments, remedies, home remedies, therapies and methods I use to help others solve their medical and health problems.


In my FREE "Helen Hecker's Health Secrets", which I send by email, I pass on many of my health and wellness tips that will actually make a difference in your life and in those around you.


Natural Health Solutions


I focus on natural solutions! I don't like the use of drugs, medicines or medications to cover up symptoms and create more problems. This is how medical doctors are trained. They are allopathic physicians.  They are taught to use drugs or surgery to treat medical problems. Natural solutions are not the first approach and in many cases never considered or even mentioned when treating patients!


I have helped people with difficult medical and health problems.  Many who have been misdiagnosed or actually undiagnosed and I have figured out what the problem is or what is the cause and they have passed it on to their doctors or have been able to take care of it themselves.


If you have serious health and medical problems you may learn something that will turn your life around. Sometimes the solution is simple. You want to always consult with your doctor before trying anything that may interfere with your current treatment if you're undergoing any. Keep in mind though you are the decision-maker for your body and can always refuse any treatment you don't want to undergo.


I include breaking news – health topics and items that you don't want to miss because it could make a big difference in your life or in the lives of those around you and sometimes save a life too.


There are many changes in the health, medical and wellness field today and it's hard to keep up with it all. But I have a finger on the pulse of the health and medical community.  I have dozens of health-related websites and have written and published many health books over the years as a nurse and publisher.


There are many health benefits and good reasons to sign up for my FREE "Helen Hecker's Health Secrets" news (a newsletter of sorts.) I'll pass on not only my secrets, tips and life-saving health information but breaking news to be aware of and freebies that you can take advantage of and an occasional recommendation if it meets my criteria.


I love helping people solve their health problems and for some reason I'm usually able to come up with solutions.


So sign up for my FREE Health Secrets, Tips and News! It may take a little time to get your first issue because we're working on it now. You don't want to miss any. We haven't worked out an archive system for subscribers only, but we're working on it. You may be able to email questions – I'm working on a system so we can handle them in the future. Patience is appreciated.


To Your Optimal Health!


Helen Hecker R.N. 



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